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Podsol Tajga Rod 9' #5

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This is a good classic & simple fly rod.

The Podsol Tajga fly rod is light, sensitive and powerful. While designed for technical dry flyfishing, it has all-round capabilities. The Podsol action is best described as moderate or medium-fast and the rod has a smooth feel with a quick, stable recovery. The taper is mid-curve, mid-flex and the recommended line is a #5.

We’ve selected a special blend of longitudinal 40-ton and IM8 graphite fibers for the construction. This multi-fiber mix provides feel and recovery not found in single-fiber construction. The Silica Nano Matrix high-absorption, low-mass resin layup allows us to reduce the amount of material by approximately one-third without sacrificing strength. This makes the Podsol fly rod sensitive and light.

Our ferrule construction is simple and strong. The three ferrules each follow the curve of the blank without any flat or dead spots. The unfinished male sections are ground to precise tolerance making the fit fail-proof. This fit also allows for easy section replacement in the event of accidental breakage.

The result of all this technology is a durable yet lightweight fly rod which performs at the top of its class and is a pleasure to cast and fish.